Special Thanks to Those Who Helped Start a Non-Profit

A lot of inspiration for this Start a Non-Profit website comes from others in my writing and my work – around the world and around the web.

I’d like to acknowledge a few.

For many of the images I use in my Start a Non Profit Now posts, I’d like to acknowledge Luca Sartoni.

For inspiration specific to the Best Nonprofits series, thanks to 37 Signals who never cease to amaze me with their clarity of perspective.

For inspiration on other posts, I’d like to acknowledge Pat Flynn. He is quick to get to the most essential elements of taking purposeful action, and was the primary influence in my launching i Start A Non-Profit.

And finally, to Teach For America. TFA is a social entrepreneur-generating machine. I love this organization and the people that make up TFA, and I just hope I can share some of my insight to help young, bright TFA alumni strike out on their own to start solving some of today’s toughest social issues.